Georgie Chorley makes music on fire

One of Bellingen’s most talented imports and rising musical stars, Georgie has found her feet, is madly in love and wants to world to know it.

story by Nicole Hind

“After years of trying to fit into genres and what I was supposed to sound like, I’m now comfortable saying that my sound is ever-changing. Currently I’m influenced by jazz, funk and soul” says the classically trained trumpet player, instrumental polyglot and singer.

Over the last couple of years Georgie has added to her repertoire with life-changing adventures to New Orleans and Japan.

“The two places are vastly different. New Orleans for me was finding comfort in making wonderful sounds and moments with people I’d never met, from all backgrounds, orientations and fame levels. One night I was playing with a gypsy jazz group on the side of a random street, the next night I was onstage in front of a big crowd with Rehab Brass band.”

“Japan however was a wonderful experience for me and my partner-in-crime and life, Bret Divola. We were able to showcase our originals and gain insights from traditional music mixed with all the modern technologies that Japan is famous for, enabling our more electronic style.”

“2019 is my year of action,” She says. “I’m looking to record two albums”. One of those is the Hip Mama collaboration with Ollie McGill, influenced by her experience in New Orleans.

The other is called Tanuki, which has been springing to life in venues and living rooms across the Bellingen Shire, is with her aforementioned partner: “Not to get too schmoosy, but Bret is the best thing that has happened for my life, personally and musically. There’s nothing quite like having a partner who supports your passion and life goals”.

One of the songs they’re most proud of is ‘Same Old Story’. “It’s about the never ending attempt to break into the music scene. Knocked back, trying to write something amazing, performing time and time again. It’s exciting, scary, blissful, worrying and exhausting trying to stand out, and yet it’s what we need to do to be musicians. We love everything about music and performing but the industry is tough.”

Georgie would know. She’s had a lifelong relationship with creativity and wants nothing more (and nothing less) than to write and perform music on fire.

Jazz is her primary genre, and there’s nothing ‘snobby’ or ‘inaccessible’ about her shows.

“I approach jazz as if I was part of the crowd. Instead of presenting from a stage or ‘above’ the audience, I tend to gravitate off stage and be part of the crowd. Music is a conversation amongst the musicians and the people who are watching. For me, there’s no point in segregating the two!”

Far from being a 1 or 2 person gig, there’s nothing more Georgie Chorley than gathering musicians together and putting on one hell of a performance. “I love playing great music with good people. Period.”

You can wander into The Bellingen Brewery on a Thursday night and catch her hosting her regular variety gig ‘Thursday Allsorts’, with party band ‘Dose Guys’ or see her name on the bill from here to Sawtell to Coffs Harbour alongside a variety of talented musicians such as Pablo Blitzer, Pete Skelton, Bruce Stephens, Pete Rundle and Jonathon Driver.

“The family of musicians here is unlike any other place I have lived or performed.”

Follow Georgie on Instagram @georgiechorley to find out where she’s playing and sneak peaks of her work.

Tanuki and Hip Mama are playing together at The Bellingen Brewery on Saturday 22nd June from 7pm. Find out more HERE.

Images credit: Cath Young, Small Stories Photography

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