Bellingen Record Fair

Due to overwhelming success last year, 2 Triple B FM, Bellbottom Media & The Bellingen Brewery are joining forces once more to put on Bellbottom Media’s 2nd Record Fair on Sunday the 29th of September at the Bello Brewery. 
Thanks to an incredibly successful first year (there was hardly room to move at the first Record Fair in 2018) The Bellbottom & 2 Triple B FM team got together recently and decided to do it all again. “I couldn’t get over how packed the Brewery was last year – this is obviously something the good people of Bellingen Shire enjoy and want to see again”… Said Bellbottom Media’s Ben Eckersley.
The event will be broadcast live from the 2 Triple B FM’s Blue van parked out the front with Dj’s all day. Food and drink will also be available at The Bellingen Brewery.
“The art of music collection has been lost over the past 10 years with the introduction of the streaming services and downloads. But one thing that has stood the test of is the collecting of vinyl records. With the return of the Bellingen Record fair, music lovers young and old are able to come together, flip through liner notes and album art. vinyl records aren’t just for music fans but the lovers of the whole package as an art form.’ says 2 Triple B FM’s chairman Kye Ruigrok.
So get ready to go crate digging and find some rare gems and collectables from all different genres with 1000’s of vinyl up for grabs.

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