Board of Directors

2 Triple B FM is governed by a Board of Directors elected by 2bbb co-op members each year.

There is a small fee to be a member of  2bbb. Members are entitled to vote at AGMs and to stand for the Board. The Board of Directors is responsible for the direction of the station. It develops policies and recruits volunteer staff to undertake duties that will achieve the policies. There are a number of working groups established to co-ordinate activities such as programming and training, technical support, administrative duties, training and outside-broadcasting.

The Board policies guide the work of all volunteers and staff at the station. The Board has developed over the life of the station and current members have been recruited for their expertise across a range of skills including finance, marketing, journalism, business and technical management.

Current Board of Directors

Andrew Walls – Chairperson
Prior to retiring from the federal public service in 2008, Andrew spent 35 years in administrative and
senior management roles. Since moving to Bellingen in 2015, Andrew served as Secretary to the
2bbb board between 2017 and 2019. Andrew has also been a presenter at 2TripleB from 2017 to the
present day.

Paul MershSecretary
Volunteer with 2bbb for the past few years. Information Technology background with project management and administration skills.

John Vallins
Australian Gold and Platinum Award winning songwriter/musician. Extensive music production including advertising industry experience

Bryony Fearn
A resident of Bellingen Shire for 40 years, Bryony was one of the founders of the Bellingen Global Carnival and its director for the duration of its life (17yrs). Bryony has significant experience in the arts and creative industries with a special focus in project management, budgeting and funding applications as well as working with volunteers within non-profit legal structures, including being part of the Bellingen Showground Trustees for 19yrs.

Seth Jordan
With over 30 Many years within Community radio experience and former content director of the Community Radio Network. Presenter of the Tiki Lounge Remix a weekly audio venue where you can hear the latest in creative world music, contemporary jazz, digital beats and aural exotica, along with insightful interviews with artists, producers and festival organisers.

Kye Ruigrok
Has been involved with 2bbb FM since 2013 and has served on the board since 2015 as both board member and chairperson. Since then, he has run a number of presenter training courses, recruited a number of volunteers to the station. ran over 10 outside broadcast including 2 live music stages at the Bello Winter Music festival in 2017 and 2018.

Alice Moseby
An educator, a small business owner, 2bbb presenter, and past 2bbb secretary

Brian Stokes
Brian is a long-time Bellingen resident with a managerial career in marketing, communications and
training across the local area. A qualified yachtsman, Brian is otherwise known as ‘The Skipper’ to
2bbb listeners, and has presented several shows in recent years, including ‘That Year This Arvo’.
Having worked with and for government agencies, industry and community enterprise, Brian can
take a practical approach to developing 2bbb’s responsible and inclusive governance. An experienced
musician, he is also passionate about the role 2bbb plays as a lead channel for local news, views,
creativity and talent

Mark Morris
Mark has had significant involvement in the music industry and has worked for a number of small
independent record labels in the UK, mainly involved in the production and distribution side of
things. Mark ran his own small record label from 2004 until 2017. Running his own record label involved a
lot of work across music production and distribution, including press and promotion. Mark also worked as a a journalist for the BBC radio show ‘Jazz on 3” for Radio 3, and ran a pirate
radio station for a number of years in Jerusalem (1997-2000)