Spend your Saturday nights right with The Mechie Show.

Your Saturday nights will never be the same again once you tune into 2 Triple B FM’s program ‘ The Mechie Show’ Hosted by veteran radio presenter Paul Mech who has been rocking the mic and the faders since he was in his teens and his presences on air have taken a few different forms over the years with times focusing on lesser known hits of well-known bands to his weekly sports reports. But for the last few months ‘The Mechie Show’ has been delving into the wide and interesting world of progressive rock music which started with his A-Z of Prog. Since then Mechie has moved on from the the alphabet and took a global approach and started looking at Prog music from different countries.

For those who don’t know what prog is a sub-genre of Rock N Roll which started off in the early 60’s and reached its peak in the 1970’s which heavy riffs, impressive instrumental work and classical influences. To find out more about this expansive world of music which is highly under-rated make sure to join our master of ceremony Mechie every Saturday night from 6 – 8pm on your local community radio station 2 Triple B FM for 2 hours of power with ‘The Mechie Show’.

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