“You’re Not Welcome” – River Sounds Festival Director Blasts Sexual Harassers

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Festival Director Ben Lewis with daughter Eilidh

The Festival Director for Bellingen music festival River Sounds has posted a scathing statement on social media condemning the behavior of men responsible for the sexual harassment of underage females at the event. 

In the statement,  Ben Lewis reveals that “Sadly, it has come to my attention that sexual harassment incidents occurred at the event. Harassment came from men aged in their early 40s and was directed towards young females under the age of 18.” Lewis then condemns the actions of those responsible stating “The actions of these lowlife scum ruined the festival experience for the youths they targeted. I want to express how sorry I am that incidents of this nature occurred at River Sounds, and I want to apologise to any individual impacted by this appalling behavior.” 

Lewis continues his statement by calling on everyone to stand up against toxic attitudes and behaviour. “I also want to call out men who think it’s ok to act in this way. If you think it’s ok to harass anyone in society, let alone sexually harass underaged females, you are the lowest of the low. You are weak. Your behaviour has no place in society. You’re not welcome at my future events. It’s time to stand up against the minority scum who continue to act in this way. If you witness this shit, gather your friends and shut it down. Everyone deserves to be safe, and to have the freedom to do whatever they choose.”

Festival headliner Regurgitator

The full statement, which you can see below, also includes an apology to festival headliners Regurgitator who received negative feedback about a looped video which played during their set, specifically the graphic of a cartoon figure urinating. Lewis stated “This graphic was supplied to River Sounds to play during the track I Piss Alone – an amazing song which criticises toxic masculinity. The video was never designed to be looped. It was River Sounds who looped the video (not Regurgitator), and in hindsight, it was a poor choice. I apologise if this video caused offense to anyone in the audience.”

The statement is accompanied by a photo of Lewis and his daughter, Eilidh, whom he revealed “thankfully had the most amazing experience at the event. Just the way it should be.” 

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